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We will assist you with the introduction of your new QA program with your suppliers, providing you with a full program overview document set and introduction documents in a multi-language format. If you wish, we will make personal visits to your suppliers and assist with the program introduction- we recommend this as we have a knack for creating a very positive, noninvasive impression on your suppliers. Or if you wish, we can introduce the program on your behalf to your suppliers.



No matter where we are, it is our goal and policy to have your reports in your inbox or notification tray within 8 hours of activity completion. Our standards are outstanding, clear and concise for your convenience.

There may be cases where you wish to interact with Phase staff, directing activities or perhaps communicating the need to approve product that is not preferred but acceptable based on critical need. This is a normal part of business and we absolutely understand. You can count on Phase to follow your lead and act as an integrated part of your team because that is what we are. Your product and your business is important to us. We are an extension of your QA team.



Every situation provides you with an opportunity to grow and learn how to “do it better” the next time. It requires an unrelenting thirst for new knowledge and approaches to the challenges that arise with each new audio production venture you undertake. Without a professional guide, bad habits can easily settle in.


Product auditing or production launch activities are often ongoing. We interact with your suppliers based on proven methods. We schedule activities, we perform the services, we report the results and most importantly, we proactively take the lead on your behalf when problems are detected.


We are at our best when the product is not at its best. When there are audits that fail inspection, we take the lead to issue the requests for sorting or re-inspection with your suppliers and we schedule the follow up activities, often performing parallel inspections or sort and release activities in real time to preserve shipping schedules.

“Sound United had the distinct pleasure of working with Phase Group for over 13 years. Under the direction and guidance of President Phil Bunch, Phase Group was an invaluable partner during the expansion of Sound United’s business and overall footprint into Asia. Phase Group, without a doubt was the most reliable, ethical, qualified and consistent group that I have encountered within my 32 years of manufacturing and quality experience.
Phase Group had an unparalleled work ethic, a thirst of facts, ongoing accountability and favorable results. Phase Group was always transparent, accessible and stood b their work. Given another opportunity, I would hire Phase Group without hesitation and I am more than pleased to offer this recommendation.”

Michael C. Carney, Director of Operations, Sound United
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No matter where we are, it is our goal and policy to have your reports in your inbox or notification tray within 8 hours of activity completion. Our standards are outstanding, clear and concise for your convenience. 

Phase Group we create constancy of purpose toward improvement of product and service, with the aim to become competitive and to stay in business success.