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Phase Group provides world class Product Development, Quality Assurance, Special Projects and Consultation services with a focus on the audio and high tech industries.

Phase Group has throughout its history, focused primarily on the consumer and professional audio industries or industries with a logical association in the areas of engineering, design and production readiness. Due to the length of time and the breadth of product we have been associated with, there are few product categories that we are familiar with as Project Managers. We have considerable experience with all aspects of speaker design and production. We have also significant exposure in the art of professional sound reinforcement drivers and systems, automotive transducers both passive and active. We are engaged in the development of integrated electronics for automotive and energy management applications.

We have considerable experience with the development of headphones, headsets and earphones, active and passive, including extensive process improvement work with key suppliers in the headphone industry. Wireless is all the rage and we have no shortage of experience when it comes to launching wireless products such as wireless personal audio devices, wireless loudspeakers and a litany of smartphone compatible devices. In most cases, our experience includes supplier selection and qualification processing as well as project management from concept to production.


Phase Group aim to provide and create new technology, new equipment and techniques to enhance your audio experience. Our Engineers has extensive knowledge in audio industry, we are committed to provide professional audio services that differ from our competitors all over the world.