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Phase Group is one of the most creative and dynamic product design, development and project management providers in the industry. This requires a systematic approach to guide the processes that are required to get a new product to market. We handle pressure for us to generate more big ideas with the potential to be the next big market-makers, and to do so while accelerating time to market, increasing profitability and reducing costs. We do have the best and dedicated team that manages our product development stage. We use genuine collaboration and empowerment throughout our design in an effort to unlock real value for our clients.



Phase Group provides world class product design, Quality Assurance and Consultation services with a focus on the audio and high tech industries.

We welcome projects and products of all shapes and sizes, across a range of price points. While we are noted for our exceptional strength and experience in the audio and consumer electronics markets, we are much more than a speaker design house. Additionally, we offer unmatched design in the art of production and manufacturing complete facility level down to individual workstations.

Finally, our extensive quality assurance program management absolutely provides our customers added value and peace of mind. We understand, based on millions of audited units, how to design quality, as well as performance, into your product.


Phase Group is an award willing team of associates with a reputation for consistent innovation and success.

Outstanding Product and Design

Phase Group Engineers and Technicians applies contemporary software and tools with old fashioned knowledge to create an outstanding product and design. This broad understanding of the industry enables us to meet product development schedule milestones consistently, keep costs under control and Quality that is exceptional.

Highest standard of service

We are striving to provide a highest standard of service, not only meeting your expectations, but where possible, surpassing them, supported by professionalism and expertise of the highest caliber.

“Phase group provided a 126-page report on competent suppliers for our manufacturing search. All of those 126 pages from the supplied Quality report had pertinent and extremely detailed information about all of the suppliers we were interested in qualifying. Risk when working with a new supplier is always the strongest concern, and with the quality of the reports and information gathered by the Phase group, risk can be reduced and order of magnitude.”

Erik Wiederholtz, Knowles Electronics

“I worked with Phil and the team at Phase for over 3 years and found them to be outstanding partners to work with. Their expertise, initiative, work ethic and capability were outstanding as partners in improving the quality of our products. They worked well with our manufacturing partners in China, never creating conflicts but producing measurable results that could be found throughout the product life cycles. They were instrumental in working with us on new product developments as well as sustaining engineering on the products we develop.

As a headphone manufacture when the team at Phase started our number one market issue was, “one side bad” a common problem for all headphones. After 3 years of working with the team at Phase this was not even an issue for us in any product. It had become a problem that was only in the history books for our company. This was a true testament to the work that the team did, they transformed many of quality procedures as well as changed factory lines, all minding the costs associated with the change, but improving the overall quality of the products.

It was a privilege to work with Phil and the team at Phase Group, they were a big part in Turtle Beach’s success in the market and were exceptional to work with as members of our extended team.”

Richard Kulavik, Chief Technology Officer, Turtle Beach

Phase Group expertise is required for a diverse range of projects including the recording and reproduction of music and sound.

One of the most significant changes to affect the audio industry has been the move from analogue to digital technology, requiring audio engineers to increasingly deal on multi-faceted levels.