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Phase Group is the world’s leading provider of Product Development, Quality Assurance, Product Development, Supplier Qualification, Special Projects and Consultation. Based in Asia, Phase Group is staffed by individuals from across the world with leadership from the United States.

Our aim is to provide and create new technology, new equipment and techniques to enhance your audio experience. With our Audio engineer, on-board that has extensive knowledge in audio engineering, We at Phase Group promise to provide professional audio services that differ from our competitors all over the world.


Phase Group’s passion is to provide only the highest quality, most technologically advanced solution to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction, service and to improve the audio experience of everyone.


We manage constant pressure on margins to global supply chains, conquer challenges and constraints. All challenges have been met while complying with standards and industry regulations.

At Phase Group, we delivery high quality, industry – focused to take your business to the next level, we offer focused attention on each situation.


Before we put it into action, we plan everything per the clients request, we gave our full focus and dedication into it. We always start a detailed and specific description which is primarily our vision. We are always open for ideas and consider more descriptive statement to better address our client’s needs. At Phase Group, we never settle for less, that is why, we only assemble a Great Team. We always put ourselves in the shoe of our client, this able us to identify our strength and weaknesses so that we can assemble the strongest and qualified team possible to meet our goals and to be able to survive each growth phase in business.


We need to make sure that each product we develop has a perfect and unmistakable outcome. We need to create a product that would convince our client that we are serious with our business and that there are no room for mistakes. We need to turn our ideas into reality that possesses an impressive track record to our clients, we always provide them something that they can touch and feel with confidence.


A dynamic, innovative company driven by passion, performance, professionalism and perfection. Every project that we take, we make sure that it is fulfilled. As the last phase of every project, we deliver everything as we promised.


We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

Within Phase, ethics is more than a concept that is mentioned when it provides a favorable impression. We have built a successful business based on ethics at every level of our daily activities. This may not be popular in some areas of the world, but we have never let that deter us from our commitment to ethical behavior and the protection of our customer’s intellectual property. We enjoy an unblemished record in the area of ethics and we are committed to maintaining that unblemished record.